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Getting ready for the Mallorca 312-Giant-Taiwan

Getting ready for the Mallorca 312 - Giant - Taiwan


Elspeth Storrar is a keen cyclist and Personal Trainer who relocated to Palma de Mallorca from London six months ago after falling in love with the island and what it has so offer cyclists.… Leer más

Grandes marchas: La Mallorca 312 de Lee Craigie

Great Rides: Lee Craigie's Mallorca 312


As part of Lee Craigie's training ahead of The Tour Divide, she took part in the Mallorca 312, an iconic sportive on an island long associated with road cycling.I’m weaving a bit. I've stopped… Leer más

Sin miedo a la Mallorca 312 - Giant - Taiwan

Not afraid of the Mallorca 312 - Giant - Taiwan


A year ago I was pretty scared. I imagine that many of you felt the same at your debut in the Mallorca 312. My first advice: change fear into respect. Only in this way you can enjoy the adventure… Leer más

Una mujer perseverante y la historia de su récord en la Mallorca312 2014

A persevering woman and the history of her record at the Mallorca312 2014


Marta Muixí was one of the 2,000 cyclists who participated last year in the Mallorca312, although certainly the only one who rode 328 kilometers instead of the 312 corresponding to the complete… Leer más

Cómo entrena una mujer para su debut en la Mallorca312 - Giant - Taiwan

How does a woman train for her debut at the Mallorca312 - Giant - Taiwan


This year, the Briton Caroline Neall makes her debut at the Mallorca312 - Giant - Taiwan. She trains three times a week and she and a few more participants of the cyclosportive belong to the… Leer más

"There is no reason why more women shouldn't join the Mallorca312"


We review with Heidi Verena Bader her experience in Mallorca312 back in 2013, whe she was the first woman to complete the Mallorca167 - Huerzeler Bicycle Holidays on an epic day marked by the… Leer más